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  Teen Classes (Girls Only)    

Teen Classes & Workshops:


For teen dancers 12 to 17 years old, with at least 2 years of dance training in hip hop, jazz, or ballet. The class will be taught to challenge the dancers and provide them training on walking and dancing in high heels.


Parents: We understand that your perception of a typical heels class may cause you to worry about the nature/content of our upcoming workshop. Let us put your mind at ease. Geena, our owner and master choreographer, will be teaching this class. She has been teaching young dancers for many years and takes pride in educating the younger generation.


You can expect the class to be fun, with age appropriate music (keep in mind it is still hip hop) and age appropriate choreography. Think of this class as an advanced level hip hop/competition class at any studio.


Dance as a whole has evolved so much over the years. Dancing in heels is the hottest new trend, and it's not fading out anytime soon. If your dancer wishes to pursue dance in any capacity, she will need to learn how to walk and dance in high heels. Almost every major industry dance audition/casting requires you to bring a pair of heels, KNOW how to walk AND dance in them. As a female dance in Los Angeles, when you go to an audition, pack your heels along with your jazz, tap and ballet shoes. It's a given.


Dancers: come ready to work and ready to sweat. We'll have a great time!


What to wear: Black leggings and black top. Comfortable high heel boots required. Heels should be 1-2.5 inches tall, 3 max. If this is their first time dancing in heels, we recommend 1-2 inch heels. If they've taken a class before, 3 inch heels are fine. No heels over 3 inches please.Chunky style heels recommended.




Why boots: dancers feel more secure, and are less likely to roll their ankles. It's a mental thing ... we know! :-)


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