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Hip Hop Heels Summer Showcase

We now have our very own Hip Hop Heels Showcase! 

Get ready for the first-ever Hip Hop Heels Summer Showcase! This event is open to all students of Hip Hop Heels and is set to be a night of fun performances and incredible energy. The showcase is a great way to invite your family and friends into your world and show off those dance moves. Whether you're dancing or cheering from the crowd, you'll get to see some amazing routines in a supportive and empowering atmosphere. Our Hip Hop Heels classes celebrate the art of dance and choreography, and that is exactly what we will be bringing to the stage. Fun, high-energy routines that showcase our amazing Club H3 Community. 

Who can participate in Showcase? 

Anyone who takes classes at Hip Hop Heels. All levels are welcome to participate. 

Is there an audition? 

Yes. However, the audition is mainly to serve as an evaluation, and to help the choreographers with casting. 

Is there a cost to participate in Showcase? 

Yes. There will be a flat fee for each dancer to help cover the cost of choreography and production. Additionally, each dancer will be required to purchase costuming for each routine they are in. 

How many routines can I perform in? 

Everyone is automatically cast in the opening and closing numbers. Outside of that, you may be cast in an additional 2 small group numbers. So that brings you to a total of 4 dances. Yes you'll have to remember the choreography for 4 different routines. Lol.

Are solos allowed? 

Yes. Solos may be requested by intermediate to advanced level dancers only, and must be pre-approved by Geena. 

When will rehearsals be? 

Rehearsals will begin July 5th and run until August 18th (7 weeks). Rehearsals will be held on a Friday (night), Saturday, or Sunday. Each routine will have four (4) 90-minute rehearsals through out the 7 weeks. 

How long will each routine be?

You can expect each routine to be at least 2.5 minutes. The opener and closer might be longer. 

Will there be other styles of dance other than Heels? 

YES!!! Potentially hip hop (no heels), jazz/musical theater, afro beats/dancehall, and jazz funk. We want every dancer to have a great time learning the routines and maybe even discover a love for another style of dance! 

Okay, all this sounds amazing. Buuuuttttt .... 



When are auditions? 

June 15th, 2024. 


What you can expect: 

  • Casting audition required to participate. 

  • Seven (7) week rehearsal commitment

  • Participate in a minimum of 2 routines; a maximum of 4. 

  • Four (4) 90min rehearsals per routine. 

  • One amazing showcase!

  • A digital copy of each video will be provided. 

  • An experience and community to last a lifetime. 

Rehearsal Dates:

July 5 - August 18, 2024

*Friday night, Saturday morning or afternoon, Sunday afternoon or evening. 

Show Date:

August 23, 2024

* Please save the whole day as we'll have a tech rehearsal that afternoon before the show.

Cost: $250 (there will be additional costs for costuming) 

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