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      Risq' Intensives      

2-Day Intensive:


This 2-day intensive is what you need to elevate your heels experience, and build confidence. We will focus on technique, execution, and performance. This experience is perfect for beginners, and dancers looking to start their dance journey. 

What you can expect: 

  • Flexibility & Core Work

  • Conditioning 

  • Dance & Heels Technique 

  • Across the floor combos to varying tempos 

  • Musicality and freestyle 

  • Floor work 

  • Developing your own style, and how to make choreography your own 

  • How to retain choreography 

  • Performance Training - going from dancer to performer, and how to take choreography and movement to the next level

  • Photo shoot with published fashion photographer Luis Martinez 

  • Personal evaluation and feedback 

  • Professional video recording of your solo (don't worry, we'll teach you the routine!)


Dates: July 22 & 23

**Day 1 will be technique, dance and learning the choreography. Day 2 will be the photo shoot and solo video shoot**


$300  per person 


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