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Pumps N' Grinds


“We want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed!”  Thanks Ludacris for that oh-so-true piece of wisdom that most of us ladies live by these days.  While we can’t guarantee we’ll make you a freak in the sheets, this class is definitely designed to get you well on your way.  ;-)  It is a must for every woman.  The moves and choreography in this series are sure to leave your audience breathless, while leaving you with an intensified sense of femininity and confidence.

L.A. Diva


“You better werk!”  That’s right Mya!  Our L.A. Diva class is for the dancer in all of us.  Choreography in this class is a little bit more intricate and extensive, and we incorporate a bit more dance technique, which makes this class more suitable for those with some dance experience/training.  Taking this class, you can expect to be pushed and challenged - mentally and physically.  You may leave each class quite sweaty, but honey, you’ll be one sweaty sexy Diva!  Werk!  Yes!

Video Vixen


“… now let me see you move, shake, now drop!”  This class (also known as Go-Go Cardio) will have you dropping and shaking it like the best of the Video Vixens.  Learn to make beautiful shapes and silhouettes with your body while getting a fun workout.  Club hits from the 90's to today make this class tons of fun for all! 

  Geena Driven 
Release The Diva Within


At Hip Hop Heels, there is something for everyone!  Sweet and sassy, slow and sultry or just downright "durty," our signature classes were designed with you in mind.  The diversity of women in each class was all the inspiration I needed, and I hope you love them as much as I do.  We live in a time when a womans sex appeal is greatly misconstrued and has become synonymous with less clothing and overly sexual moves.  At HHH we chose to focus on the art of movement, confidence and fitness.  Do we know how to pop, drop, lock and shake it? Yes in deed we do! 

What to wear to class:


Comfortable workout clothes - shorts, leggings or yoga pants and fitted top such as a tank top, t-shirt, comfortable heels.  No jeans. 

Our style of dance moves around a lot, thus we recommend wearing high heel boots instead of open toed heels, pumps, sandals or wedges.  Please make sure your boots are comfortable enough for you to dance in; try walking in them at home first.  Your boots should be under 4-inches tall. 

First time guests and those who may never have danced in heels before - please wear a short 1-3 inch stiletto heel. Ballroom shoes are also a good option.Geena always says, "you are welcome to bring options!  We are after all women, and we love having options, for everything!"  


Knee pads are a great investment if you plan on dancing with us for a while. 

*Please bring a small towel and water.  We mean it when we say "dance fitness."  If you don't sweat in the first 30mins of class, let your instructor know! 


Class Policies: 

Please arrive at least 5-10mins in advance for your class.  If you will be more than 15mins late to a class or workshop you are signed up for, please notify us via text at 213-394-5853. 


I highly recommend Burju heels for my classes! Click the image below to purchase what is soon to be your favorite pair of dancing heels! 

Burju is an investment so make sure you are committed to taking class regularly prior to purchasing. ​​​

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