Everyone Can Do It   

Hip Hop Heels is a dance fitness class designed for women (and men, if you dare).  In our one hour classes, women do not only learn how to walk in heels, but can also learn moves that encourage them to be confident in their bodies and truly enjoy learning to dance.  Professional dancer and choreographer, Geena Ngaaje, has created Signature Classes to inspire your inner Diva while giving you a chance to sweat off a few calories!  


We are always in awe of how Beyonce can command a stage with such power and grace, all in one show; how the Pussycat Dolls perform with such sex appeal; and how Ciara, can captivate audiences with jaw dropping moves.  All these ladies do what they do, and so much more, in heels!  All the while, making it look effortless.  Good news ladies, you can too! 

Our Signature Classes are a fusion of various hip hop dance styles - complimented with the attitude and flare of jazz, along with the sensuality of burlesque and ballroom.  It is a great way to learn some stylish new dance moves catering to the female body.  And for those with a little bit more dance experience, this style of dance provides you with powerful, show-stopping moves that are sure to help sharpen your performance skills.  

Hip Hop Heels is a fun and inspiring class, a great way to stay fit, feel sexy and increase confidence.  It is also a great way to strengthen your core, as well as tone and sculpt your lower body and mid-section.  Our ultimate goal is to create a community of women who enjoy not only dancing together, but growing together.  

So, ladies grab your friends and a pair of your most comfortable heels and be prepared to release your inner diva!

  Weekly Classes & Workshops   

Our weekly classes are ran in 6-week series.  You can attend all 6 for a discounted rate, or drop in on a weekly basis.  Workshops are offered in the Dallas area and nation wide.  Check back for upcoming workshop dates.


Birthday parties, Girl's Night Out, Bachelorette Parties, Group Outings, Women's Conferences ... if you're celebrating, we can be there!  Hosting a HHH party is fun and exciting!  Your guests will be talking about it for weeks to come!  

  Performance Training   

Our Performance Training Program - Risq', is for those who want to challenge themselves.  As a member of Risq' you get to perform at local events, participate in a fashion photo shoot with a top Dallas photographer, as well be a part of our final video project!  

  Private Lessons  

Learn to walk in your favorite pair of high heels with confidence, or learn a hot routine to your favorite song for someone special.  We also offer choreography and dancers for video projects, music artists, events, etc.  Please send us an email to info@hiphopheels.com




7:15 - 8:15 PM


8:15 - 9:30 PM




Tel: 213-394-5853


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