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Just a handul of articles from friends of HHH

Read and watch what some people have to say about Hip Hop Heels. The difference it truly does make in ones confidence and physical appearance.  We stand by what we teach. 




Dallas Morning News

Hip Hop Heels dance class keeps you on your toes.

Article by Kimberly Westphall

Dallas Morning News

“Who’d have thought something I love to do helps me to be a healthier me?” says Jackson, 32.

Article by Leslie Barker

Midwest Sports Fan

It was not nearly as taboo as I had expected. Instead, the instructor was bursting with confidence, a melodic rhythm, and class.

Article by Kimberly Westphall

Moms Everyday

"Pretty soon Miss Sassofrass, aka Geena, struts in and the bass starts thumping. In fact, I can feel it in my chest. I was beyond inspired by Geena’s confidence and how fluid her motions were."

Article by Kimberly Westphall

Nuts About Southwest

“Just because one person does the hair flip and they feel sexy does not mean you’re gonna flip your hair and feel sexy. For you, it may be a shoulder pop.” Her words are encouraging—even though I don’t know what a shoulder pop is ..."

Article by Gabbi Chee

My African Plan

Hip Hop Heels is about progress as a rhythm for the mind and body.  Also known as Hip-Hop High Heels, this dance class experience is a blend of various hip hop dance styles with the sensuality of jazz and the swag of a cardio workout.

Article by Chuki Obiyo

Plate Full of Boys

About a month ago I started feeling like I was losing myself. 

In truth...It is easy to lose yourself in this role called mom. To be clear, I have always wanted to be someone’s mom so part of me loves every single crazy minute of it and there is even some comfort in losing myself to the role. But lately, I have been feeling the question tugging at me. Who Am i? 

Article by Amanda Miller Marrone

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